Introducing Natalie our Tour Booker!

Introducing Natalie, Tick Tock Bridget’s Tour Booker!

We are so excited to be working with Nat over the next few months as we work on developing Rejoining Jane. Natalie is going to be researching and booking us a tour for this coming Spring! From April 2019 we hope to be visiting cafes up and down the country bringing Jane’s story to a host of coffee customers and tea enthusiasts!

Natalie has been managing events for many years, and has experience in managing large scale festival and tours – we’re sure she’s got what it takes to join Team Tick Tock!

Here are a few fun facts you may not know about Natalie:

1. She LOVES Karaoke 

2. She is scared of pelicans (Who isn’t?!)

3. She is half Jamaican 

4. She in a footballers autobiography (Who’s Nat? Tell us!)

5. She has travelled to over 30 different countries (That’s more than Jane!)

We are thrilled to have Nat on board, so if you have a local cafe that you think you enjoying a visit from Tick Tock Bridget get in touch with her! (

We also have a number of performances coming up in Brighton, London and Portsmouth this Autumn, check out our tour page for more details.

Want more? Follow us on facebook/instagram and SUBSCRIBE to our youtube to keep up to date with all our fab vlogs that Jess has been making – find them here.


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