Amy’s Audience Insight…

Meet Amy, one of our lovely Crystal Palace audience members. We asked her a few questions so that you can get a bit more of a feel for the show…..


Tell us a little about you….. My name is Amy and I am a fashion buyer living in sunny Crouch End north London.

Please give us 5 fun facts about you….

1. I am obsessed with dogs and hope to get my own schnauzer or cockerpoo one day

2. The scariest thing I have ever done is a skydive from 15000 feet.

3. My all time favourite food is pasta- I’m pretty sure I should have been Italian!

4. I have recently started swing dance classes in crouch end.

5. The last dance show I performed in was to a collection of n-sync songs!

Do you get to see much dance? No, I don’t. I would love to see more.

What was your experience of Rejoining Jane at Brown and Green Cafe?

It was so interesting and fun to see an independent dance show in a small intimate setting. You feel fully immersed in the show.

Any show highlights? I really enjoyed the opening dance where you are all dressing up and all of the ad- lib discussions in between dances. Some really funny moments!

Any ‘what the…moments?! No big moments but I enjoyed listening to the sections of you all discussing the story and wondering if you were scripted or not!?

Favourite character in the story? Jane!

Favourite moment in the story? The bollywood moment and dance!

If you could sum up your experience in one sentence…. A really fun, witty and light hearted experience that mixes dance with a bit of comedy to tell a great story

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PS. Did you come to our London show? Let us know what you thought! #janeontour

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