Tick Tock Bridget takes on 2021

Dear Lockdown

In September 2020 we asked our audience to share their lockdown stories with us, their highs and lows, challenges and joys. We danced to over 50 lockdown tracks (see this on instagram), playing with themes of connection, loss and hope. From this we created Dear Lockdown, a little gift to our audience in these uncertain times.

“I think the piece really encapsulates the positive, negative and sheer unexpected experiences we’ve all had since Covid started. Made me smile and feel wistful at the same time.”


Thanks so much for this brilliant reminder of last lockdown. It will help us get through this next one.



A New Participatory Process

Studio research and creation will use a similar process to the creation of Dear Lockdown. Collating all the stories and ideas of our outreach participants as well as our own experiences, starting with exploring the theme Inside/Outside.

We are inviting participants from One Church Brighton to join our creation process from Day 1.

Sam Corry, Associate Minister, One Church Brighton said:

“We are so excited to work with TTB; we are always looking for new, creative and interesting ways to connect with and support our community and this venture is full of exciting potential for connection, wellbeing and empowerment.”

Through at-home activity packs and movement workshops we will empower their individual creativity through:

  • Collecting items from within our own homes and outside in nature to create mini installations
  • Playing with the physical concepts of connection vs isolation / aloneness
  • Exploring our imaginary selves and our everyday real selves
  • Investigating chaos and peace in movement and stillness

Within the research process we will use the following four artistic lenses:

Set creation – a simple yet effective and transportable set that will enable audiences to be transported into the world that we are creating whilst retaining recognisable elements of our everyday shared stories –  whether the work is performed in a community cafe, village hall, or a more traditional performance setting.

Costume – Costume strongly enhances the visual aspect of the work. We will look at the everyday (lockdown tracksuits and pyjamas?!) to the whimsical and fantastical.

Audio – An exploration of participants recorded stories will be taken into the studio and played with in the development of the soundscore and narrative.

Narrative – Stories of participants will be combined with fictional narratives to create a work that allows them to reflect on and escape from their experiences simultaneously.

Our ambitious task is embark on a remote creation process with closer to 300 people rather than 3. We want them to build our set with their favourite things, our soundtrack with their songs, we want to listen to their memories of being at home and dress up as their superheroes. This won’t be a piece about lockdown but about connecting to the places, people and things around us that give us purpose.

Tick Tock Bridget workshops
with Young Bristol

📷 by Faye Keane

Rejoining Jane: Dance film R&D

Notes from filmmaker Sophie Newton

The main focus for capturing these scenes on camera is to see if we can emulate the mood, tone and energy of these sections that Tick Tock Bridget have so well crafted in their original Rejoining Jane live dance piece and translate that to film. I strongly feel we have been able to successfully re-create the same performative energy in these film scenes and it gives a great idea of the potential to continue working and developing Rejoining Jane into a complete dance film.

Moving forward, we would explore the more technical aspects of filmmaking e.g sound and camera. We want to work more on-location and delve deeper into adapting the choreography to screen to strengthen the storytelling.  

Tick Tock Bridget have an exceptional talent of connecting and relating to their audience through movement and by creating the dance film of Rejoining Jane we will be able to share their refreshing, funny and heartfelt work with existing and many new audiences in the future.

Image by Sophie Newton, featuring Harriet Morris
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