HOT off the press…

“Brighton-based dance company Tick Tock Bridget tours UK cafes with its fun take on book group chatter

The Jane in the title is a bored but adventurous librarian from a novel, who’s off travelling around the world, via Malaysia, France and Papua New Guinea, following a love interest along the way.

The meta part comes when Rosa Firbank, Harriet Morris and Jessica Miller — three dance artists from Brighton, aka Tick Tock Bridget— meet to discuss the novel in a café. The company is currently on tour, channelling some of Jane’s intrepid spirit, taking its energetic mix of trad folk soundtrack, sea shanty jigs, Bollywood arms and deadpan humour around UK coffee shops….” READ THE FULL REVIEW ON THELIST.CO.UK



First show of the tour and our first ever book launch!


This coming Tuesday is our first show of the tour and we are very excited that it is also the BOOK LAUNCH of the printed story Rejoining Jane! We have been working busily away with a book editor, designer and illustrator to bring you these beautiful books and can’t wait to share them with you!

So, if you are in and around the Strand, London this coming Tuesday evening, join us for our show and get your very own copy of Rejoining Jane.

Here are the details:
12th March 2019
Bush House, King’s College London, Strand, London WC2R 1ES

GET YOUR FREE TICKETS HERE. Books £5 each so bring CASH or CARD!

Books will be available at all our shows this tour.

This performance is presented as part of Art | Philosophy: Migration, Meaning, Time, an exhibition from the Centre for Philosophy and The Visual Arts, hosted in the Bush House Arcade 26 February – 22 March 2019.Rejoining Jane Book poster JPEG

Happy News!

RJ header

Two years ago we were working hard in the studio, dreaming of Irish jigs and a woman that travelled the world. Two years, countless cups of tea, applications and many performances later… we are over the moon to announce we have been awarded a grant from Arts Council England for our first national tour of Rejoining Jane! 

From this February to August we will be dancing and prancing across the UK, from Edinburgh to Norwich, Margate to Bristol, and Brighton to Manchester! All tour dates are now online and stay tuned for full details as they are announced…

And there’s more….

Inspired by our audiences and many requests later… we have decided to share the whole story with you so this Spring 2019 we are beyond excited to announce we will be publishing the original story Rejoining Jane! Watch this space for details about pre-ordering your copy and the book launch.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say a special thank our team, our partners and contributors for their support and belief in Rejoining Jane. And last but not least, our wonderful family, friends and audiences who have loved us, hosted us and supported us along the way.

Final week of Autumn 2018 tour!

So we have been on (and off) the road since August now!

An absolute rollercoaster around the country plus a couple of other countries too!
Can’t quite believe that this Thursday and Friday will be our final shows of 2018… we are so excited to return to Nowhere Man (where it all began!) and perform for the first time in newly opened Africa House.

Tickets are selling fast and we have very limited capacity so book book book if you’re coming.

Here are some favourite snaps from the tour so far….

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 11.08.05
This is how Jane dances in the clubz (Crystal Palace, Brown and Green Cafe.)
Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 11.09.21
Hell yeah! Dancing is fun. FYI this is our favourite bit (Crystal Palace, Brown and Green Cafe.)
Is it a bird? is it a plane? No it’s REJOINING JANE (Dance City, Newcastle)
The other version of YMCA. It goes Y, Y, Y… Delilah.
Night Fever! Tour Fever! (OH Opening night, Bermondsey)
We discuss the benefits of including a pot plant on our book group table. The consensus is positive. (OH opening night, Bermondsey)

BUT BACK TO TODAY…. we have shows in Portsmouth! 4pm and 5.30pm – and we are selling tickets on the door so come on down!  (you can still book online here !)

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for vlogs as well!

PS. Did you come to any of our shows? Let us know what you thought! #janeontour @ticktockbridget
PPS. We’re already planning our Spring tour… if you want us to come and visit your local cafe-  – get in touch!

Amy’s Audience Insight…

Meet Amy, one of our lovely Crystal Palace audience members. We asked her a few questions so that you can get a bit more of a feel for the show…..


Tell us a little about you….. My name is Amy and I am a fashion buyer living in sunny Crouch End north London.

Please give us 5 fun facts about you….

1. I am obsessed with dogs and hope to get my own schnauzer or cockerpoo one day

2. The scariest thing I have ever done is a skydive from 15000 feet.

3. My all time favourite food is pasta- I’m pretty sure I should have been Italian!

4. I have recently started swing dance classes in crouch end.

5. The last dance show I performed in was to a collection of n-sync songs!

Do you get to see much dance? No, I don’t. I would love to see more.

What was your experience of Rejoining Jane at Brown and Green Cafe?

It was so interesting and fun to see an independent dance show in a small intimate setting. You feel fully immersed in the show.

Any show highlights? I really enjoyed the opening dance where you are all dressing up and all of the ad- lib discussions in between dances. Some really funny moments!

Any ‘what the…moments?! No big moments but I enjoyed listening to the sections of you all discussing the story and wondering if you were scripted or not!?

Favourite character in the story? Jane!

Favourite moment in the story? The bollywood moment and dance!

If you could sum up your experience in one sentence…. A really fun, witty and light hearted experience that mixes dance with a bit of comedy to tell a great story

A night of immersive dance to launch OH – Creative Space. Book tickets here! 


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PS. Did you come to our London show? Let us know what you thought! #janeontour


Aha! Our first ever performances in London! Let us run you through the longest day of our freelancing-zero-hour-contract-lives.

5AM we. awake.

5.30AM Mrs.Harriet picks up Jess and Rosa and they drive to London. The roads are busy. BUSY. Actually busy. Who are these people, where are they going and why are they not in bed.

7.00AM gridlock in Croydon. Honestly who invented commuting.

7.15AM on second thoughts -who invented 7am rehearsals? Oh, yeah. We did.

8.30AM breakfast time!! At the wonderful Brown and Green cafe! (Our brilliant brilliant London venue) Eggs and halloumi and bacon and avocado and tea tea tea.

10AM we’ve gone to see a woman about a baby. To be precise – we’re visiting Harriet’s new baby niece! And she’s just 13 days old and all of our hearts are melting and she has a beautiful chubby little face which is all wiggly and wobbly.

11.30AM Oh hey Nat!! Our fancy pants new tour manager is joining us in rehearsals @ OH today. Which by the way is a beautiful brand spanking new studio for artists in Bermondsey. (In case you read that wrong it’s not a new spanking studio – visit the website here and don’t be thinking those filthy thoughts) And no, she’s not dancing – she’s in the corner on the emails. Just you wait Nat, just you wait… #cameo-a-coming

3.30PM Back to Crystal Palace to eat and prepare for the shows!

7.00PM SHOW ONE – hurrah! Such a lovely audience who made all the right noises at the end. We thank you for making us feel so appreciated and so loved.

8.00PM what do you mean there’s another show?

8.30PM SHOW TWO – a sell out  gorgeous audience, we feel so lucky! (To the people who brought pizza – you know how to watch a show set in a cafe!)

10.00PM Props and costumes packed up, cafe looks as if we were never here… and we are getting back on the road!!

10.30PM but not without chips.

10.45PM “is he growing potatoes or what?”

11.00PM on the road again!

11.30PM home so soon! Must keep singing louder! Must stay awake!



11.52PM we are lost in pyecoombe

12.00AM we are back in Brighton!

12.30AM we are asleep.

A night of immersive dance to launch OH – Creative Space. Book tickets here! 


Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for vlogs as well!

PS. Did you come to our London show? Let us know what you thought! #janeontour

Introducing Natalie our Tour Booker!

Introducing Natalie, Tick Tock Bridget’s Tour Booker!

We are so excited to be working with Nat over the next few months as we work on developing Rejoining Jane. Natalie is going to be researching and booking us a tour for this coming Spring! From April 2019 we hope to be visiting cafes up and down the country bringing Jane’s story to a host of coffee customers and tea enthusiasts!

Natalie has been managing events for many years, and has experience in managing large scale festival and tours – we’re sure she’s got what it takes to join Team Tick Tock!

Here are a few fun facts you may not know about Natalie:

1. She LOVES Karaoke 

2. She is scared of pelicans (Who isn’t?!)

3. She is half Jamaican 

4. She in a footballers autobiography (Who’s Nat? Tell us!)

5. She has travelled to over 30 different countries (That’s more than Jane!)

We are thrilled to have Nat on board, so if you have a local cafe that you think you enjoying a visit from Tick Tock Bridget get in touch with her! (

We also have a number of performances coming up in Brighton, London and Portsmouth this Autumn, check out our tour page for more details.

Want more? Follow us on facebook/instagram and SUBSCRIBE to our youtube to keep up to date with all our fab vlogs that Jess has been making – find them here.


Back in the studio!

And thus! Tick Tock Bridget are back in the studio once more!

We spent the last week at Dance City in Newcastle as part of their creative summer residencies, our first major development period since we started performing the work in May 2017.  We have met some really lovely people (they really are so very nice up north) and danced, jigged and jiggled and, of course, drank a lot of tea.

Here are some fun facts from our time in Newcastle!

  1. If Rosa doesn’t create a new playlist for every new edit of the soundtrack either Backstreet Boys or In the Jungle (The Mighty Jungle) will play when you least expect it.
  2. It’s a really really really really long way to Newcastle from Brighton, approximately 700 MILES. #praisebetoaudiobooks #praisebetoJessica
  3. In Rejoining Jane, there are 17 characters in total. 13 humans and 4 animals. Many more of them are slowing making/hopping their way into the show…
  4. Historical moment… Grey’s Monument is a Grade I listed monument to Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey (TEA!) built in 1838 in the centre of Newcastle on Tyne. It was erected to acclaim Earl Grey for the passing of the Great Reform Act of 1832 and… literally everyone gives you directions in relation to this monument.
  5. We found out cats could be diabetic, and Harriet’s life changed forever when she found out that Pilates was created by a man named Joseph Pilates. We reassured her that this isn’t that common for exercise class names and there isn’t a Mr Legs-Bums-and-Tums nor a Mrs Zumba.



Join us at St Peter’s Fest – Sunday 10th September 12.30pm and 2.30pm on the south lawns, it’s free!


Wednesday 19th September, Brown and Green Cafe, 7.00pm and 8.30pm. Book tickets for all our Autumn performances here.

Finally a very big thank you and round of applause to Arts Council England for supporting the development of Rejoining Jane this Autumn! We are thrilled and over the moon to have your support.

Look out for weekly blog posts! Also don’t forget to sign up to our YouTube channel– we do vlogs! And they are solid gold.