REFLECTIONS (from filmmaker Sophie Newton). 
It was a lot of fun to film this sequence and adapt the original live performance for the camera. Even though this scene is more of a proof of concept it still keeps the storytelling aspect from the original live performance and helps communicate the setting, themes and personality of the film.
For the future I would like to film in a larger space and work on integrating the spoken word scenes that are key to the original live performance. I would also like to improve and think more creatively with the cinematography, especially as this is one of the first scenes in the film where making an impression on the audience is key.
 (from filmmaker Sophie Newton). 
It felt very special to take these two performances to a site specific location, especially as the original story travels far and wide across the globe (even if the live performances were in cafes). The theme and tone of these sections contrasts nicely with part one and shows how much variety the final film adaption will have to offer the audience. The choreography adapts effortlessly to the coastal scenery and we would love to integrate even more site specific locations for these scenes in the future.
The next steps for these scenes would be to think creatively and to improve the technical aspects of voice over and camera, as well as thinking more ambitiously with adapting the choreography to a larger space.
OVERALL THOUGHTS from filmmaker  –
Considering the colossal obstacle that has been 2020, I feel very proud of what we have been able to achieve with the research and development work for the Rejoining Jane film. The main focus for capturing these scenes on camera is to see if we can emulate the mood, tone and energy of these sections that Tick Tock Bridget had so well crafted in their original Rejoining Jane live dance piece and translate that to film. I strongly feel we have been able to successfully re-create the same performative energy in these film scenes and it gives a great idea of the potential to continue working and developing Rejoining Jane into a complete dance film.
Moving forward, we would explore the more technical aspects of filmmaking (e.g sound and camera) and begin working in a bigger team. As well as a technical focus we would also want to work in more diverse locations and delve deeper into adapting the choreography to screen to strengthen the storytelling aspect. We would also begin looking into collaborating with a production company who can help us take this R&D film to the next level.
I am so excited to continue this journey of adapting the live performance of Rejoining Jane to film and be able to create something that can be shared and loved by many audiences, whether they are familiar with dance or not. Tick Tock Bridget have an exceptional talent of connecting and relating to their audience through movement and to express this through the story of Rejoining Jane will result in a refreshing, funny and heartfelt modern dance film.