Rejoining Jane - live show

Immerse yourself in a playful and joyful dance experience as “Tick Tock Bridget” take you on a journey in and out of reality, swapping between the factual and the fictitious. The Rejoining Jane live show is a delightful dance theatre performance set in a cafe, which premiered with a sell out run at the Brighton Fringe Festival back in Spring 2017 Since then the company have channelled their story of eccentric traveller Jane and her solo expedition across the world and toured across the UK with performances popping up in Leeds, Edinburgh, Brighton and Portsmouth.

The show invites audiences to eavesdrop on a book group’s monthly meet-up, discussing their latest read Rejoining Jane in their local cafe. The three dancers and the audience find themselves being carried in and out of Jane’s turbulent adventure, all within the confines of a cosy cafe. Together they delve into her story, travelling from Bromley to Papua New Guinea (via Ibiza!) with various escapades and secrets that unfold along the way.

Travel with them in their pursuit of Rejoining Jane and share in the delight that this brings - all within the confines of a cosy cafe!

Shortlisted for South East Dance's Space to Dance award.



Recent Performances

Thursday 8th September 2022 @ 7.30pm

Society Room, Stanley Arts, 12 South Norwood Hill, London
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Reviews & Feedback

"conjures up the quirky, glass-half-full, Parisian vibes of Amélie, if she was a bendy interpretative dancer, wearing a turban"

The List

"A wonderful adventure through the roads that could be travelled, bursting with imagination and humour. "

Female, 24 (Brighton)

"communicative and witty. A great fun afternoon."

Female, 67 (Brighton)

"Beautiful evening. Warm, funny, engaging. My imagination was set off. Could had watched for hours more, loved the setting and storytelling”

Male, 27 (Margate)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your performance! You have opened my eyes to modern dance and I want to see more!”

Male, 75 (Bristol)

“Proof that a cafe can be more than coffee & cake”

Female, 45 (Bristol)

“Totally captivating, beautiful, heart warming. I wanted to watch it all over again, an absolute joy”

Female, 60 (Brighton)

“It is very special when three generations can share the enjoyment of your dance company this afternoon.”

Female, 67 (Portsmouth)


Performed and created by:

Rosa Firbank, Jessica Miller and Harriet Morris


Enrico Hallworth


Charlie Moyler


Bella Comaschi

Tour Manager:

Natalie Evans


Gill Kilgariff

Photography and Filming:

Sophie Newton

With thanks to:

Our wonderful café teams including Andrew, Ed and Kier, Maggie and Heidi, Mary, Brian, Laura and Jess, Lara, Jerome, Monique and Laye amongst others!

Supported by:

Arts Council England, Christine Miller, Dance City, King’s College London, South East Dance

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